NHP keeps a watchful eye on the Fourth of July

The Nevada Highway Patrol will be increasing staffing levels on July 4th holiday with a larger contingency of troopers planned during the July 4th time frame.

In an effort to reduce our alcohol-related calls for service this holiday season, we are asking everyone to plan their festive celebrations safely and responsibly. If you plan on consuming any amount of alcohol, don’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive. Plan ahead and identify a safe and sober person in advance to get you home safely; not the person in your group who has consumed the fewest drinks.

Zero is our goal for statewide fatalities so let’s all work together and make it zero DUI arrests and zero DUI crashes this holiday season. Remember to be patient and courteous when driving and make our highways safe. Trooper Talk is presented by the Nevada Highway Patrol, Fallon District Office.


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