Past Pages for Tuesday, March 4, 2014

140 Years Ago

District Court: There were a couple fellowmen to receive sentences. The first culprit was James Lang, a pale young fellow with a very black beard. He stole a trunk in the night and broke into a house. If he doesn’t reform, he will hardly live out his 12 months imprisonment. Ah Hing, the Chinese man, invaded a neighbor, Wood’s barn, with the intention of taking poultry but was nipped in the bud of his anticipations. He looks for all the world, about the head, like a giant spider. He will be required to sport chequered garments for two years and six months.

130 Years Ago

Unromantic marriage: A marriage took place at the Court House at which the judge and clerk were the only witnesses. The marriage was between Oscar Ritter and Miss Jennie Dodge. It took place without any flourish or trumpets, and the couple was dressed in their every day clothing. Nothing was known of the newly married people until they turned up at Hailey, Idaho, where the sheriff rescued Ritter from the hands of a mob — the mob then overpowered the sheriff and had taken Ritter from jail and hung him. It appears that upon the couple’s arrival in Hailey, Ritter took his wife to reside in a house of prostitution (Reno Journal).

120 Years Ago

Johnny Crow: The home of Johnny Crow, the Brunswick hero, burned. The family was asleep, but Johnny awakened and rousing the rest threw open the doors and windows and assisted in getting out the younger children. Mr. Crow is out of work, and the family is destitute. Mrs. D. A. Bender and Mrs. M. A. Murphy are collecting clothes for the Crow family ...

70 Years Ago

Carson High School report: Carson Chatters, Johnny Laxalt, editor. The annual operetta “Tune In” of the glee club is underway. The all-girl orchestra is comprised of Ethel Howard, violin; Margaret McCracken, flute; Hope van der Smissen, clarinet; Mary Lee Scott, trumpet ...

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: Contributing to the centennial wedding style show, Dr. and Mrs. Silas Ross Jr. display a white Irish crochet lace dress, worn by Mrs. Trenmore Coffin in 1909, with an exquisite wide brimmed ostrich plume. Mrs. Charles Russell wears the rose silk wedding gown worn by the former governor’s mother in 1900 ...

30 Years Ago

Yucca Flat: Ground zero caved in after a nuclear warhead exploded thousands of feet beneath the desert at the Nevada tests site. A spokesman said no radiation escaped into the atmosphere as a result, which rocked Las Vegas high-rise casinos 80 miles away.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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