McKenna files, cites unfinished business

John McKenna is seeking a second term on Carson City’s Board of Supervisors to complete tasks slowed by economic malaise, he said after filing to retain the seat from Ward 3.

“The depth of the economic problems and slow recovery have not allowed for the permanent changes to city management that are needed,” McKenna said at midweek. “In addition to the management and compensation structure, there are changes that need to be made to spending priorities.”

The supervisor, who filed earlier, said his re-election bid is spurred by concern about Question 18 funds in the aftermath of Thursday’s approval of a city sales-tax boost to do capital projects. That boost is one-eighth of a penny. Question 18 money is based on a quarter-cent hike voters approved in the 1990s to do quality-of-life projects that have included recreation and open-space expansions.

“I worry that the original voter-approved purposes of Question 18 to enhance youth services of the Boys & Girls Clubs (of Western Nevada), recreation and parks will be subverted into pet projects of a few, or squandered as part of the general fund,” McKenna said.

He said Question 18 funds are for the original purpose, including repayment of debt incurred, or it should be repealed. He said other needs or proposals “should receive their priority from the voters, and not as political favors.”

In addition, McKenna said, the percentage of the general fund spent on management needs to be reduced, and property taxes should be kept in check. He said he plans to continue working to “remove the deleterious effects of prior boards” having made political decisions that later proved costly, citing the current board’s decision to increase utility rates because previous boards hadn’t planned well.

Lori Bagwell also has filed for the Ward 3 seat, saying she wants better staff documentation and input prior to board decisions and that she believes the community is divided now due to board actions.

Karen Abowd, supervisor from Ward 1, also filed this week. She announced her intent to do so earlier, as did both McKenna and Bagwell. She said when she announced that she favored economic development, capital improvements, enhancement of city cultural life, and luring visitors.

Through Friday, no one seeking to oppose her had announced or filed. Abowd was rumored to have an opponent filing this coming week.

Filing began Monday and runs through March 14.


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