Letters to the editor for Sunday, March 16, 2014

Differing opinions not based on intelligence

Bob Lewis’ March 5 letter is an example of today’s misguided, opinionated thinking that if someone thinks differently than you, they must be “stupid.” While I agree with some of Mr. Lewis’ concerns about the corridor improvements project, I disagree that our mayor and supes are “stupid” for their 4 to 1 vote in favor of moving our town forward.

I also have concerns about some components of the project. I am personally in favor of about 80 percent of the plan. The chance that the Board of Supervisors might unveil a plan to radically transform our town that I, or you, or Mr. Lewis might be 100 percent in favor of is highly unlikely.

Instead of criticizing the Board for its courageous decision, I applaud it. I’ve lived here 20 years and it is high time that our town gets an upgrade. Infrastructure improvements on Highway 50 East and North Carson are long overdue. We must stop talking about the MAC and start building it. And I’ve not heard anyone challenge the fact that our existing animal shelter is a disgrace.

Criticizing the tough decisions our Board makes is easy. There are plenty of armchair warriors who have no viable solution but plenty of reasons why we should do nothing — ever. I acknowledge our Board for having the courage to make tough decisions, even in light of the fact that the corridor improvement project in not perfect. It is a positive act that will invoke positive change for our town.

Andie Wilson

Carson City

Tribe members right to oppose planned track

We were relieved to read that not all tribal members are supporting the proposed motocross track on the Washoe Tribe’s land. It gave us hope that the Washoe people really do believe in their statement that “the Washoe Tribe have long considered themselves stewards of our land and continue to maintain that position, never to compromise or sacrifice our environmental and archaeologically sensitive lands.” In our opinion, the development of a motocross track in the proposed location would be a complete contradiction to this statement.

Clear Creek flows through the parcel to be developed; it also flows through Fuji Park and the Bailey Fishing Pond in Carson City on its way to the Carson River. Our fear is the runoff and dust from the track will destroy the water quality affecting the fisheries. Another concern is the amount of noise generated by hundreds of motorcycles only a mile away will negatively impact the users of both Fuji Park and the Fishing Pond. One can only imagine how unpleasant it would be to take the dog to the dog park, have a family picnic or try to enjoy a Saturday fishing trip while listening to the hundreds of motorcycles racing nearby. Carson City could also lose revenue from decreased rental of the park’s facilities for special events.

We are opposed to this development and would like to encourage others that feel as we do to contact the Washoe Tribal Council with your concerns at comments@washoetribe.us.

Mike and Mary Kuckenmeister

Carson City

Carson High teachers showed true colors

In the short span of four months, two young Carson City men have died in gun-related incidents. This is not a letter to promote restrictions on guns, although I do have strong feelings about that issue. The purpose of this letter is to comment, as an outside observer, on the many kindnesses extended to the families of these young men, one a student and the other the son of a CMS teacher, by the faculty and staff of Carson Middle School. I observed these caring individuals providing food, flowers, gift cards and hours of supportive time with these families.

Teachers today are under a great deal of stress from daily job-related pressures; however, CMS staff did not use time and job restraints as excuses to sit back and “let others do it” when it came to supporting these two families. They went home and cook casseroles, baked bread and cookies, made sandwiches, and delivered these with other items to the homes and memorial services of the young men. The then attended the services, as did many teachers and staff from other Carson City schools and stayed to clean up afterwards.

So, to all of you at Carson Middle School, your actions did not go unnoticed and you are greatly appreciated.

Kathy Rothchild

Carson City

Here’s hoping Obama will appear in Rome

After breakfast on Feb. 24, my cell phone rang with “unavailable phone number” on LCD screen. I’m on the telemarketing do not call list.

Sarcastically, I answered, “So, who is this at the other end of an unavailable phone number?” To my surprise a male voice answered, “This is the White House calling in response to your email.”

My first thought was, “Ken, you put your big foot in your mouth this time!” The caller wanted to acknowledge receiving my email. “The White House does not begin to fulfill requests until less than three months before the event.” I could almost feel Mom grabbing my right ear between her thumb and index finger. I apologized for my rude behavior and explained my prejudice against telemarketing calls. The caller accepted my apology. He concluded, “Mr. Beaton, I will keep you informed about the progress of your request after March 4.

About 60 members of the First Special Service Force Association, including three “Force” vets, will begin touring Italian battlefields and cemeteries beginning on May 25. Our tour will be in Rome on June 4 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Rome’s liberation. Every Head of State of the Allied nations will celebrate the 70th anniversary of D-Day, June 6, in Normandy, France. Why not invite our president to appear in Rome two days earlier, June 4?

There are three possible answers, yes, no and a definite maybe. I’m hoping for a “Kodak” moment.

Ken Beaton

Carson City

Thanks for help with unloading dresser

I would like to thank again the young lady that stopped on Colorado Street on Wednesday and asked if she could help me and my husband unload a dresser. Thank you for being so observant and kind. We still have a few kind people in this world.

Sheryl Province

Carson City


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