Dayton man arrested on felony extortion count

A 43-year-old Dayton man was arrested on suspicion of felony extortion for allegedly demanding money to return a stolen vehicle.

According to the man’s arrest report:

While two deputies were conducting a traffic stop Friday at Arrowhead Drive and Northgate Lane, a woman approached them. She said the Dayton man, Robert Edwin Deuel, had told her he knew where her vehicle was, and that he would tell her if she paid him.

The woman called Deuel as the deputies listened and said she could come up with $100 or $120, then said she could raise up to $200.

Deuel told the woman to meet him at a casino, adding that he wouldn’t bring the vehicle, but would take her to it once she’d paid him. Three deputies waited at a grocery store nearby, and at 1:47 p.m., dispatchers advised that the woman had seen Deuel get into a silver-colored sedan in the grocery store’s parking lot.

The deputies pulled Deuel over and asked if he had any weapons; he said he had a knife in his right front pocket and another knife integrated into his belt buckle. He said he didn’t know where the woman’s car was, and that he’d been attempting to “screw with her” by telling her otherwise.

Deuel was arrested at 2:02 p.m. on the felony count, as well as on suspicion of possession of a dangerous weapon. Total bail was set at $27,500.

Deuel remained in the Carson City Jail on Monday afternoon.


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