Banners blessed; art trip set

Banners for Fairview Drive touting cultural and other activities in Carson City won the blessing of the city’s Cultural Commission.

The commission on Tuesday voted approval of the concept for new banners on poles along the corridor linking the current freeway bypass’ Fairview exit to Carson Street on the east after it was presented by Joel Dunn, executive director the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau. Many banners will use single images and the word “experience,” along with the commission or bureau logo. Others will promote the Nevada 150 fair in Carson City July 30-Aug. 3.

The single word in large block letters keys on the bureau logo, which includes the tagline “The experience starts here.” Dunn said the banners will be 18 inches by 36 inches. He also said banners throughout the community along key corridors will be integrated with the same images and messages. He said he has 62 banners and about 30 images so far.

The commission had been set by agenda to take up a new version of a public-art ordinance, but that was delayed until the next meeting, in June. The commission decided to try to take action on it and visit Reno to check out public art there, though the trip still has to be set up.

The next meeting and the trip are expected June 17, along with consideration of the ordinance. After that, such an ordinance would go to the Board of Supervisors.

A similar attempt in 2013 didn’t pass muster with the board due to the financing mechanism, but board members invited the commission to take another run at it.

Tuesday evening, the board approved an annual report covering 2013-14 action through March, along with things that will be taken up for 2014-15. The public-art ordinance was on the list of things in both years. Before approving the report, however, the commission added language urging that economic impact of the arts be taken into account.

The commission heard several other reports, among them one from Mary Works Covington, the Nevada Arts Council’s community arts development program coordinator. She said a March 13 community arts gathering in Carson City showed “a continuing appetite” for the arts here. Commissioner Eugene Paslov said he hoped the arts at such meetings are being discussed “not only for their aesthetic value, but also their economic value.”

The commission also elected a chairman and vice chairman for 2014. Robert Stansbury was chosen as this year’s chairman, Elinor Bugli as the vice chairwoman.


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