2 years added to Reno lawyer’s suspension

The Nevada Supreme Court has added two more years to the time Reno lawyer James Andre Boles is suspended from practicing law.

Boles was suspended for a year in June 2013 for failing to communicate with clients about their cases, which he said was because he was affected by a medical condition that cause him to take an indefinite medical leave.

In the latest case, he again was sanctioned for inadequate communication with clients plus making misrepresentations to a tribunal reviewing the allegations against him. Three new clients complained that he failed to communicate with them despite numerous attempts to contact him and that he didn’t personally inform him he was on medical leave. The order of suspension also says he failed to comply with discovery requests and orders from the U.S. District Court.

The bar recommended an additional year of suspension for the new violations, but the high court disagreed.

“We determine that a suspension of two years is appropriately tailored to the violations here,” the high court wrote.


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