Letters to the editor for Thursday, March 27, 2014

Protest at Phelps’ funeral? No, let’s just ignore him

I just read that Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, died. For those of you who don’t know, Westboro Baptist Church members are the people who protest at the funerals of our brave fallen service members. They protest because of a misguided belief of America’s wickedness due to America’s tolerance of gay people.

I heard people talking that we should go to his funeral to protest him. Although I understand that sentiment, I respectfully disagree. I feel we should ignore him. The media should boycott his funeral. Let his ignorance whither from lack of sensationalism. On the day of his funeral, we should thank a service member or a veteran and show that on the news. Show stories that showcase love, understanding and acceptance. On the day of his funeral, I would like to see a story where Christians, Jews and Muslims, go to a LGBT event where there was an understanding reached and all were equal at the human table.

Feed the fruit of enlightenment and starve the fruit of ignorance and bigotry. Hopefully when his church and those who think like him fade into darkness, America and eventually all of the world will shine brighter.

Bill Elliott


Columnist mistaken about Bush’s intent and policies

After reading Bo Statham’s editorial of March 22, I would like to make a few comments. He indicated George Bush’s foreign policies were aggressive. If protecting the Iraq people from a brutal dictator was aggression, I guess he’s right. If people think that it was all about oil, have they currently checked the price of oil?

He also indicated we should stand behind NATO and continue any sanction we deem necessary, and God help us if he thinks we should help out militarily. If Obama was so interested in doing something that the majority of the American people would appreciate, foreign policy wise, he would stand behind Israel in its policy to contain Iran in its race to become a nuclear power. I see no difference between the ravings of their rulers intentions of wiping out Israel and the United States and the ravings of the madman Adolf Hitler.

Why can’t our government learn from history? Do they really think we could survive a nuclear Pearl Harbor? President Obama has already fired all our leaders (generals) that could retaliate from such an attack. I think the American people should realize what’s happening right before their eyes and start doing something about it this Nov. 4 Take back your country before it’s to late.

Neil Powers

Carson City


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