Stuff the Bus donations end today

Churchill County School District is hoping residents, parents and students will support Stuff the Bus in order to donate items to charities.

Stuff the Bus started March 17 and ends today.

Steve Russell, director of Transportation for the CCSD, said the district has been involved with Stuff the Bus for the last three years.

“In the past we typically start the fundraiser around Christmastime,” Russell said. “However, we decided to try March this year to see what the responses are like. When it’s done around the holidays, people are trying to get things in order for their own list, so we figured we’d take away that stress and plan earlier to see if it’s better received. I understand that the local economy has something to do with the amount we will receive but anything we get and are able to donate is better than what we started with.”

Russell said another reason they decided to start in March was because needy families require clothing and food year round and not just for the holidays.

“We are accepting clothing and non-perishable foods,” Russell said. “So far we have received a really good amount of donations, probably a third of the bus is full. Once we’re done with the drive we’ll separate everything and give it to several local charities. We want to help as many charities as we can so they’re able to help as many residents as they can.”

Russell said Naval Air Station Fallon’s Not New Shop donated 25 bags of clothing. He said one year they were able to donate 1,000 pounds of food to local charities.

He added the bus will be left at Churchill County High School all day today to give individuals a chance to donate.

“We don’t have a goal to meet,” Russell said. “Anything will help even if we just had one thing donated … that’s one more thing than we started with.”

Russell said the bus has been dropped off at every school in the district.

“When the bus is dropped off a class is assigned to decorate the bus,” Russell said. “So far the bus has been decorated in an Easter Bunny, flower power and March Madness theme and I imagine the other schools will decorate it how they see fit as well. The students are giving the bus school personality … it all works well together.”

Russell said Stuff the Bus will continue to take place in the future.

“It’s all about helping families within the community,” Russell said.


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