Kaia FIT founder visits Fallon

Kaia FIT founder Nikki Warren, far left, poses with clients from Fallon and Fernley following the nutrition workshop held Sept. 25 at the Fallon Kaia FIT studio.

Kaia FIT founder Nikki Warren, far left, poses with clients from Fallon and Fernley following the nutrition workshop held Sept. 25 at the Fallon Kaia FIT studio.

“Come on, ladies, 10 more seconds. Give it all you’ve got!”

Grunts and growls, previously held in check, become audible as the room full of sweating and straining women struggle to complete the chosen exercise. New members to the exercise program pushed their bodies’ limits alongside seasoned veterans while a trim blond bounced around the room, offering words of encouragement and showing how to improve form.

Women taking the evening Kaia FIT class in Fallon last week were treated to a workout led by the founder of Kaia FIT, Nikki Warren. Following the intense hour of squat thrusts and push-ups, Warren gave a presentation on nutrition and healthy, sustainable weight loss – the principles of the Kaia FIT program.

Dressed in workout capris and a tank top proclaiming “Eat Clean, Train Dirty,” Warren laid out her Three to Thrive approach: getting your mind right, building strength for life and gathering your tribe. The group of 80 women from Fallon and Fernley listened intently as Warren explained fitness isn’t simply about toning one’s body, but about toning the whole person.

“We’re getting fired up on life and about feeling really good,” Warren said.

As a young mother, Warren said she found herself battling an eating disorder of binging and purging. But after her young daughter learned about nutrition in school, she was chided into changing her habits and began a life journey to study nutrition. Warren has also professionally coached competitive snowboarding, soccer and gymnastics.

“We have a responsibility to take care of and love our bodies,” Warren said. “Our body is a vessel to our wildest dreams or an anchor. It becomes what you think and what you do.”

After stating that 80 percent of the body’s physique is determined by nutrition, Warren spoke in depth about ways women should eat to maintain health and maximize results from exercise … and issued a commandment to her Kaia clients.

“Make a commitment to never, never diet again.”

Warren, who named Kaia FIT after her son Kai who battled for his life as a newborn, said she founded the fitness franchise to create a team. She passionately explained that women of all fitness levels are finding acceptance and motivation in the hour-long workouts.

“Never judge,” she said. “As women, if we lean in, we’re able to step up and make a real difference in this world.”

Following the nutrition workshop, Fallon Kaia FIT owner Andrea Schell surprised Warren with a special gift – a Kaia “Queen” bag she custom orders and awards to clients who show the most progress.

Fallon Kaia FIT was established in late 2010 by Schell and was the fourth franchise. Today, there are 54 locations in the United States with more than 5000 clients. The original program features six-week BRIK, or boot camp, sessions that meets five days a week, and five-week Core sessions that meet four days a week. The program has also grown to include the “I Kan Run” running training program, the “I Kan Tri” triathlon program, TRX suspension training, and Kaia Flow which is a mixture of yoga and Pilates techniques.

Schell, who opened the Fernley Kaia FIT location in early 2014, was recently honored at the 2014 Kaia Konference as of nine franchisees with more than 100 clients. Schell and five additional women coach Kaia FIT classes in Fallon and Fernley four times daily.

Fallon Kaia FIT is located at 750A S. Taylor St., and Fernley Kaia FIT is located at at 396 Highway 95A. For more information call 775-423-8679 or visit www.fallon.kaiafit.com.


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