Carson City Open Space Manager exits to kudos

Open Space Manager Juan Guzman handled his swan song issue at Carson City’s Board of Supervisors meeting Thursday.

He shepherded, with testimony that included his usual sense of humor, the board‘s decision to purchase of a strip of land 20 feet wide and more than 1,400 feet long to extend the freeway multi-use pathway south from near the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.

The cost was $35,350 but that is match for $650,000 in federal funds. The overall project will help link the north side multi-use path to the linear ditch trail near the 5th Street bridge to the south. according to Donna Inversin of Muscle Powered, which is a trails advocacy group. “This is a real important connection,” said Inversin.

Guzman, who is retiring, won praise from Supervisor John McKenna for his years of work on open space issues.

“It is an investment that I think is well worth the cost,” McKenna said of acquiring land parcels over the years. “We expect you to come bank and work for free now.”

Guzman also was feted by friends and colleagues during a reception at Red’s Old 395 Grill patio later in the day. His final day with city government was Thursday.


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