Repurposing project to enhance library

The Churchill County Library will close in November to complete a repurposing project that is expected to take four months.

The Churchill County Library will close in November to complete a repurposing project that is expected to take four months.

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The Churchill County Library will be closed starting November for four months for a repurposing project.

Carol Lloyd, library director, said the project is intended to repurpose the existing library to enhance and improve function and efficiency in all areas of the building.

“We’re working on a design with Collaborative Design Studio, an architectural firm in Reno,” Lloyd said. “They’re responsive to our ideas and really helping us give a fresh look to the inside of the library.”

The library will relocate to the Annex on the north end of the property so the library can continue to assist the public, Lloyd said.

“At the Annex we will have a partial collection of our books and materials available,” Lloyd said. “We will also have Internet and wifi access and continue to receive, process and check out new releases to the community. We anticipate to keep the same hours that we currently have and all of our staff will be moving to the Annex during the repurpose phase.”

Lloyd said the shelving for the books will be replaced, glazing will be put on windows to make them energy efficient, new lighting will be installed, new carpet and paint will be applied, spaces will be reorganized for a better flow and the glass wall to the computer room will be removed.

Lloyd said individuals can access the library anytime through their website at

“On our website individuals are able to access downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and videos,” Lloyd said. “A large selection of the databases include a language learning database, magazines, encyclopedias, reference material, K-12 tutoring, test prep including GED, career exploration and education planning and so much more.”

Classes will be available on how to utilize the library’s online resources in both a classroom and individual setting but times have not been set yet for the classes, Lloyd said.

Lloyd said the repurposing project still looking for funds.

“The Churchill Library Association donated $6,000 for the project,” Lloyd said. “We are accepting donations if anyone wishes to contribute to this exciting project. If anyone would like to donate they can come see me at the library.”

The library will be allowing extended checkouts on select materials during the period of the library repurposing, Lloyd said.

“Say you’d like to master French cooking,” Lloyd said. “You’d be able to check out those books for an extended period of time.”

“The staff and I are extremely enthusiastic about this up-coming project,” Lloyd said. “I’m pleased to be moving forward with this project that will benefit and have the communities best interest at heart. I think everyone will enjoy the improvements and see that they were really needed.”


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