Motorists urged to be mindful of deer

A deer is seen across from AM/PM at 1017 N. Carson St.

A deer is seen across from AM/PM at 1017 N. Carson St.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to be attentive of deer while driving in Carson City.

Drivers are reminded to pay attention to speed limits and drive carefully in areas where visibility is limited by trees and bushes.

Motorists should slow down and turn on their hazard lights to warn other drivers if deer are seen in the roadway ahead. Avoid swerving, which can cause the loss of vehicle control and a subsequent collision.

If deer are seen alongside the road, remember they are unpredictable and may not remain where they are until vehicles pass.

If one deer is seen, chances are there are more nearby. Watch for movement on both sides of the road, as deer tend to be well camouflaged, especially when there is tall grass, bushes, brush or low tree branches.

When on darkened streets, use high beams when it’s safe to do so in order to increase the chances of spotting deer.


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