Testing changes coming to CCSD

The Churchill County School Board learned about the testing changes coming to the district at their Thursday night meeting.

Lisa Bliss, testing coordinator for CCSD, said the new testing system is a state mandated change.

“The CCSD Assessment Program supports teaching and learning by providing assessments administered district wide, as well as assessments administered as a part of the states assessment program,” Bliss said. “This comprehensive series of assessments, in various test formats with varying purposes, provides opportunities for our district, schools, teachers, students and parents to assess, monitor and improve student achievement.”

Bliss said College and Career Readiness Assessment and ACT will be given to all 11th grade students.

“Nevada’s system of education continues to move forward with college and career readiness as a priority for all students,” Bliss said. “In support of this, Nevada has adopted the ACT to be used state wide as its College and Career Readiness Assessment. All students in grade 11 will be required to take the test; however, there are no Nevada requirements to pass the exam.”

Bliss said the state is moving away from High School Proficiency Exams and toward end-of-course exams.

“This will not impact current juniors and seniors but it will impact our current freshmen and sophomores,” Bliss said. “Beginning with the graduating class of 2017, Nevada students will no longer be required to pass the Nevada HSPE in order to earn a standard high school diploma. The administration of the HSPE exams will be phased out with the graduating class of 2016. Nevada is replacing the HSPEs with high school End-of-Course Assessments that will assess students’ academic achievement in English language arts and mathematics.”

Superintendent Dr. Sandra Sheldon said this new testing is attached to a yearlong course and at the end of the year the students are required to take the exam that goes along with the course.

“I don’t know at this time if there is a plan for additional testing opportunities if a student does not pass the test,” Sheldon said. “The state hasn’t moved forward yet if the students need to retake the course, or the test that semester, or if there are additional testing windows. Right now the intent is that they take the course and at the end of the year they take the assessment and if they don’t pass the assessment we don’t what the next steps are for that.”

Other items the trustees discussed and/or approved include the following:

Approved construction manager at risk for construction on the CCHS auxiliary gym.

Approved purchase of pole-vaulting equipment to be paid for out of the Building and Sites fund for $22,615.

Approved to ratify the 2014-2015 school year tentative agreement between Churchill County School District and the Nevada Classified School Employee Association, including fiscal impact data.

No action was taken on the bid opening and possible action to accept bid for the sale of the CCHS construction house located at 462 Discovery Drive because there were no bids.

No action taken regarding class size reduction.


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