Thank God for the rain

One week ago about supper time, we had a thunderstorm that dumped much needed rain on Fallon. I thanked the Lord Almighty. It’s been a dry several years for local farmers. Irrigation was shutdown in April this year. I’ve lived here 20 years and have never seen it this dry. Lahontan Reservoir is nearly empty. Others who have been here much longer say they can’t ever recall it being this dry.

The lack of snowfall in the Sierra Nevada has caused major problems for California which is in the middle of their worst drought in history. It has also wreaked havoc locally as water is in short supply. If it

continues Alfalfa farming in and about Fallon will be a thing of the past. Climate change? You betcha!

The loss of much of the California produce crop will mean higher prices throughout the country. California has been an agricultural gold mine for many years. If the drought continues, and it appears it probably will, the central valley of California, which produces more than 230 crops a year, could end up a desert. That will be a disaster for the food supply for this country. It’s another global warming prediction come true that was laughed at by many conservatives who have sold their soul and planet for fossil fuels. They will still be saying climate change is a hoax when Miami is under several feet of ocean.

I’ve finally heard some local Republicans admit the reality of climate change. Still, roughly 37 percent of Republicans who classify themselves as conservatives and Tea Party disciples will not admit they have been wrong about global warming. These champions of fossil fuels are looking more and more ridiculous everyday.

People all over the world are advancing the idea that we must reduce fossil fuel emissions or watch the planet be destroyed. It’s not a hoax as conservatives in this country have claimed for many years. In those many years we have fallen behind some countries in addressing the problem. It was just too easy for many Americans to believe these fools who have sold out the earth we live on to support big oil.

I have had conservatives tell me that even if I am right, why should we pay the price of change when the rest of the world wont participate. They’re wrong again, The world is turning to solar energy in a big way. Bangladesh has a population of 186 million people. In a few years Bangladesh will be a nation solely dependent upon the Sun for it’s energy. They are rapidly becoming a solar nation.

Many nations are years ahead of the U.S. when it comes to green energy. Why? Because too many Americans believe Republicans like Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin. Turns out they’re the joke, not climate change. Florida Gov. Rick Scott won’t allow the words “climate change” to be used in Florida schools and government agencies. That’s crazy.

I don’t know what is going to be the fate of local farmers since things are not likely to change. Fallon will not be able to claim it is the Oasis of Nevada if we don’t have much more rain storms like one week ago and Saturday.

Some Californians are even discussing the remote possibility of a pipeline to carry water into their state, from where I don’t know. Maybe they could get it from Washington. Climate change is here folks. It may already be too late to save the planet. You will see more and more drastic ideas, which used to seem crazy, being floated about.

This city could be powered by solar energy. Solar panels are getting cheaper everyday. The United States must lead the way. It will do so, city by city and state by state. If not already doing so, our Congress seriously needs to consider direct cash subsidies for electric automobiles, tax credits for major companies that switch to solar power and major incentives for power companies that switch from coal to clean energy. There is so much more we should be doing.

The first thing we must do is to pay attention to those trumpeting the warning signals. We must quit dismissing what the environmentalists have to say, They are right! I have always thought that if we could end our dependency on fossil fuels, we would dry up the money in the middle east that is used to sponsor terrorism. That’s another dividend.

Prepare for the worst my friends and pray we haven’t waited to long to save the earth, including the Oasis of Nevada.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at


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