Past Pages for Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015

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150 Years Ago

Abraham Lincoln’s house. The Appeal has been shown a photograph of Lincoln’s house in Springfield, Ill., in which is exhibited the pallbearers who accompanied the remains to Illinois. Sen. Nye was among those in the photograph that was enclosed in a frame made of pieces of the log cabin that Mr. Lincoln built when a young man.

130 Years Ago

Judge Cary’s war reminiscences. Ex-soldiers were at Arlington House talking about old war reminiscences when Judge Cary wound up the evening’s entertainment: “When I was down in Mexico, we had a terrible battle. The enemy opened on us with a battery from the top of a hill. As we went up the sanguine slope, we got all plastered over with some strange stuff that blinded us, we panicked and broke ranks and ran like the devil. Hang me if those blasted Mexicans hadn’t captured a wagon train full of canned goods. They mistook them for canister shot and loaded them in the guns — pickled tripe, salmon, lobster, peaches and tomatoes. I was knocked off my feet with a lot of pickles and canned corn ...”

110 Years Ago

Insane woman. The unfortunate woman, Mrs. Annie Welch, who escaped from the insane asylum, is still at liberty. It is believed Mrs. Welch is wearing male attire — a dark gray suit of loose fitting men’s clothing and a slouch hat. Dr. Gibbons offers $25 for her capture.

70 Years Ago

Costumed models. Girls in costume of the sixties and seventies traveled hither and yon as the first publicity pictures for Nevada Day. Two of the girls were professional models. The others were “volunteers” and included misses Bernardine Murphy, Marie Laxalt and Gloria Bloomfield.

50 Years Ago

Solitary. Three convicts who escaped from minimum security of Nevada State Prison were captured near Walker Lake. They will sit in a dark isolated cell, without clothing, bedding or furniture. They will remain in that condition for 29 days. Each morning they receive two pieces of toast and a cup of water, and at evening they will be served regular prison dinner minus coffee and desert.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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