Carson City Sheriff’s Office saturation patrols lead to 60 citations

During the month of January the Carson City Sheriff’s Office conducted saturation patrols in the Carson City area. The focus of these patrols was to reduce crashes in areas that many crashes have occurred in the past.

Deputies patrolled the roadways leading to intersections where crashes have occurred as well as monitored the intersections themselves looking for traffic violations which can lead to car crashes.

Deputies issued 60 citations during these patrols: 43 individuals were cited for speeding, four for cell phone use and six for failing to obey a traffic control device. The remainder of the citations issued ranged from no proof of insurance to driving while suspended.

Speeding, cell phone use and failing to obey a traffic control device are all factors that can lead to car crashes. By slowing down, not using your cell phone while driving and obeying the traffic control devices (stop signs, stop lights, etc.) crashes can be reduced in Carson City. These patrols will continue throughout the month of February.


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