November’s taxable sales show promise

One of the areas showing improvement in November's taxable sales report was in Building Materials and Gardening Supplies.

One of the areas showing improvement in November's taxable sales report was in Building Materials and Gardening Supplies.

Taxable sales across Nevada rose to almost 7 percent in November, compared to the same month in 2013.

While it appears Churchill County had a 19.5 percent change from the $25.3 collected in November 2013 compared to only $20.4 million in November 2014, numbers can be misleading. For the year, the Nevada Department of Taxation shows Churchill County down 4.1 percent, from $138 million to $105 million.

Take away the tax abatement from the Utilities category and Comptroller Alan Kalt says Churchill County showed an improvement over 2013.

“We’re actually 6.2 percent over last year in our Consolidated Tax collection,” Kalt pointed out. “For the five-month period that started July 1 through Nov. 30, we are up 5.9 percent. We are seeing a slight increase in revenue.”

Another factor that led to Churchill County’s gain resulted in the help from both Clark and Washoe counties.

“Clark County’s taxable sales is up 8 percent for the five-month period, and Washoe is up 6.7 percent,” Kalt said. “This is assisting Churchill County as they (the two counties) pay a greater percentage of the Rural Guarantee Account resulting in us getting a smaller piece of a much larger pie.”

Overall, Churchill County’s categories performed well, but Utilities decimated any gains because of alternative energy rebates. In 2013, Utilities pulled in $9.3 million, while in 2014, that figure shrunk to $13,034.

Other categories, though, showed significant increases, slight increases or broke even.

Durable Good rose 26.8 percent from $931,445 to $1.1 million, but NonDurable Good slid from $351,582 to $313,830.

Vehicle and Parts Dealers rode a 3.8 percent increase to $2.5 million.

Other major categories showing double digit increases include Building Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies (10.5 percent), Food and Beverage Stores (16.3 percent), Clothing Accessories (171 percent), Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book and Music (74 percent): Communications (25 percent); Health Care Services (540 percent); Amusement, Gambling and Recreation Industries (10.6 percent); Food Services and Drinking Places (25 percent) and Repair and Maintenance (44 percent).

As for some of the categories, Kalt said the jump for Food Services and Drinking Places is unbelievable.

“We have had some expansion in the number of eating establishments such as the Pizza Factory and the Vietnamese restaurant,” he said. “The carrier air wings also affect the totals for the eating and drinking businesses.”

Another indicator that residents spent their money in Churchill County resulted in good numbers for the clothing and sporting goods businesses. Kalt said with late November storm, he believes that kept more shoppers in town to do their shopping and that businesses saw more return on their advertising.

A Nevada Department of Taxation report issued Thursday revealed the $313.5 million collected from sales and use taxes represented a 5.7 percent increase year-to-year.

But that fell short by $5.6 million, or about 1.3 percent, of projections made in December 2014 by the state Economic Forum.

Statewide taxable sales for November 2014 totaled $3.97 billion, up 6.9 percent from November 2013.

Department spokesman Michael Pelham says a nearly 2,000 percent increase in taxable sales in the professional, scientific and technical services category stemmed from an audit revision of November 2013 data.


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