Carson City Sheriff’s Office arrests two in multiple county burglary ring

Carson City, Douglas County and Washoe County Sheriff’s Office’s, along with the Washoe County All Threats/All Crimes Task Force, combined efforts to break the backbone of a residential burglary ring that’s believed to have been operating regionally since the summer/fall of 2014.

Residential burglaries began first in Carson City that appeared to be similar, many occurring in the afternoon hours. By December, Douglas County began suffering the same plight under similar methods. As the events in Douglas County slowed, activity started in the Washoe Valley area. In all, well over 30 residential burglaries crossing all three county lines were being examined.

Following a residential burglary on Feb. 8 in the most southern portion of Washoe County, sufficient evidence was being collected to develop at least two major persons of interest, with numerous common contacts. Early Monday morning, the foundation for a joint operation with all the effected county law enforcement agencies working out of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, took shape. All week long, as many as 30 extra officers were actively operating throughout the region and monitoring the activity of several Carson City persons of interest.

During the afternoon hours of Thursday, officers detected a suspect vehicle in the Washoe City area. Following their movements, surveillance officers discovered a residence at the 4300 block of Drake Avenue was broken into. The suspects, Travis Lieberwith, 37, and Brian Madson, 34. were followed by other officers into Carson City to an address on Woodcrest Lane.

As the suspects attempted to leave the area in their vehicle, pre-positioned officers took both into custody without incident. Suspected evidence from the burglary was recovered in the vehicle.

Several residences within Carson City were secured all evening as officers cleared each one.

One residence, at the 300 block of Corbett Street, was cleared by a SWAT team, as it was considered the primary residence of the main persons of interest and weapons were suspected to be in their possession. Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said after firing teargas into the residence, no one was located in the home. Several other south Carson residences were cleared as well throughout the evening.

As the intensity of this investigation is currently heavy, no other details can be released at this time. The Carson City Sheriff’s Office will deliver an updated release this afternoon.

“We have literally been joined at the hip in this,” said Furlong of the cooperative effort.

Furlong said he’s hoping the case can be resolved quickly and the remaining suspects apprehended. He said the suspects were responsible for stealing weapons and jewelery.

“There’s a high potential of violence,” Furlong said.


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