CCHS, city hit another game winner

Steve Puterski

Steve Puterski

Bands were banging, the crowd cheering and an awesome atmosphere greeted hundreds of fans.

Once again, Churchill County High School, with a big assist from the city of Fallon, showed why they are the class of the North in hosting postseason tournaments.

Last weekend’s Northern Division I-A regional basketball events showcased the commitment and dedication in putting on a first-class event.

The same was true several years ago when CCHS hosted the DI-A, III and IV regional track meet and DI-A regional baseball and softball tournaments on the same weekend.

Plus, the city and school put its best foot forward for three years with the Sierra Youth Football League jamboree, which was a monumental task with more than 1,000 visitors crashing Fallon for the event.

But last weekend was just another example of the powers that be continue to show the rest of the DI-A, and perhaps the North, what a regional event should be.

Balloons were made, banners of each school posted and a hospitality room catered to keep the coaches, administrators and officials full with delicious food.

In addition, each player and band member were given gift bags from the city, while the home-town fans and students were treated to free T-shirts to support the Greenwave.

CCHS also pulled back the curtain and opened up its wrestling room for the school bands, which started blaring 20 minutes before the first tip and didn’t stop until late into Friday night.

The action on floor was intense as four schools battled for two berths in the state tournament. Unfortunately for the home fans, their beloved green and white missed the cut in both the boys and girls tournaments.

Despite the on-court struggles, the off-court success was noticed and appreciated by all.

Fallon’s facilities prove it can and should handle most regional events, even though it takes countless hours between school and city officials to put together a stellar event.

Nevertheless, the knowledge and understanding of planning event such as these never ceases to amaze. Just about every detail is covered to ensure each school, especially those visiting, receives a grand welcoming and stay.

It’s another way for Fallon to push what the city has to offer and how it takes events such as a regional tournament seriously.

Many schools just slap something together with no foresight or real planning of how to operate and cater an event. The unorganized effort seeps from the top down and tournaments or meets or jamborees become an unholy mess.

Events or games are delayed, not properly officiated (if volunteers are need) leading to total chaos.

Covering those trainwrecks is awful enough, but to compete or coach in such a bad environment is even worse. It takes away from the reason the athletes are there, to compete with a clear mind and not having to deal with incompetence from those running the show.

But the people here, especially the volunteers, understand and appreciate the importance of such events.

Success stories such as these just adds another feather in the cap of the city, school and people who put in hard work to ensure the kids have the best possible environment to compete.

Steve Puterski is the sports editor for the Lahontan Valley News and can be contacted at


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