Baking snacks for pets

The holidays gave me the opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite activities baking. Who can resist fresh-baked cookies? They don’t last long in our home. This brings me to my most recent experiment in baking: Watson’s Oatmeal Wonders (or WOW cookies).

My idea was to create delicious bone-shaped cookies topped with carob icing. I had recently visited a dog bakery in San Francisco that had the most beautiful cookies I had ever seen. The Moulin Pooch is a dog boutique specializing in outrageous cookies, cakes and dog treats. They had cookies shaped like ice cream cones, candy canes, bones and clowns. I was confident that my treats would become an instant hit at home.

OK, this is where I decided to get silly. I would make two batches of cookies shaped like bones. One batch would be for people: bone shaped peanut butter cookies. The other batch would be dog friendly for Watson and his friends at the dog park. So as I embarked upon my task I checked on ingredients that would be harmful for dogs. The list wasn’t too long but included; chocolate, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts and sugar-free gum.

My goal was to make a healthy cookie with ingredients that I would eat. I decided on whole wheat, oatmeal, corn meal, cheese, egg, butter and milk. I carefully rolled the dough and used my dog bone cookie cutter. The results looked professional. It wasn’t long before Watson and my husband were in the kitchen and sniffing around the cooling racks.

I offered my husband a cookie, but I suspect he thought it was the people peanut butter kind. He thoughtfully munched it and pronounced it needed salt and more peanut butter. Woops. When I told him it was the dog cookie, he faked gagging and wouldn’t try another. I thought they tasted like wheat cheese crackers but a little bland. They were a hit with all of Watson’s friends at the dog park: in fact many, came back for seconds.

I don’t think I’m ready to give Moulin Pooch a run, but the cookies were enjoyed by all, except my husband. (You can see Moulin Pooch treats at moulinpooch.) If you would like to try my recipe drop me an email and I will send it (

The New Year brings resolutions filled with hope and good intentions. I have decided to follow the advice of Elizabeth Head, a neurosurgeon at Sanders Brown Institute on Aging. Head says “Everything you do for a dog to help them age well, you should do with them.” So this is my plan for the coming year. I will buy the best food I can afford, take walks with Watson and enjoy naps. I will also keep my teeth clean and breath fresh so that the people I lick will not flinch. Most of all, I will always greet friends with happiness and joy every time I see them.

If you haven’t made any resolutions, I would like to suggest walking a dog at CAPS or donating money, food and/or time for the care of our shelter guests. We are the only no-kill shelter that maintains an operating facility in Churchill County, and our continued success is made possible by all of the wonderful support that the community provides.

CAPS News and Events:

Happy New Year to you! We look forward to a productive year serving the community. Our profound thanks go out to everyone who supported CAPS by volunteering, donating resources, adopting pets, and kissing Ki.

CAPS has adorable puppies who are looking for the forever homes of their dreams. Start the New Year with a puppy who will be your friend for life.

CAPS will be at Walmart in the New Year with our Kissin’ Booth and the adorable Ki. Watch this column for the dates and time. Get your kiss on!

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Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer, contributed this week’s column.


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