Past Pages for Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015

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140 Years Ago

The Adelphi Party. The floor was tightly covered with a pure white canvas stretched to a fault, music was all that it could be. The ladies looked charming and captivating in their dresses of the latest cut and neatest trim. The gentlemen appeared as ordinary. There were enough dancers on the floor to bring out the necessary mirth and a crazy happy time.

130 Years Ago

Terrible night at Cave Rock. The bear was some feet below, but the 30-pound rock striking him was enough to stagger him backwards, but then with a howl of rage he bounded up the slope faster. Reik had found a cave with a narrow ledge that a man could find footing, but was too narrow for a grizzly. He rushed in not 10 feet ahead of the bear. The bear reached for Reik’s legs with a vicious sweep of his paws, but fell a few inches short. (Continued on Thursday).

110 Years Ago

Advertisement. “Carson Opera House — Jules Murry presents Marie Wainwright as Viola in Shakespeare’s ‘Twelft [sic] Night,’ eminently cast and superbly mounted. Carrying the entire scenic production including superb electric effects. Admission — First row, gallery, $1.50; gallery, $1; orchestra chairs, 75 cents; benches, 50 cents.”

70 Years Ago

Lost gold watch, 25 years ago. Mrs. Arabella (Bruce) Woodgate found a watch she lost 25 years ago. An Elko boy while playing on a dirt slide found a gold watch which was identified as the timepiece lost by Miss Arabella Bruce when the horse she was driving became unmanageable and upset the buggy. The only rust found was where the hands join ...

50 Years Ago

Births at Carson Tahoe Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oliver are parents of a boy. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Linsenmier are parents of a girl.

15 Years Ago

Gov. Kenny Guinn says there will be no pay raise for public employees in the proposed state budget. Budget Director Perry Comeaux has reduced the amount state agencies requested by $137 million ...

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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