Carson City Community Center site of landscape photo display by artist Deon Reynolds

The artist of black and white landscape photographs on display at the Carson City Community Center says his work reflects on small moments of human activity in Nevada’s vast vistas.

“Tow’ring High” by Deon Reynolds, who took the show’s title from the song, “Home Means Nevada,” runs through Nov. 10 in the Sierra Room.

The artist shot the photos with a modified disposable Kodak camera. He processed the film in a darkroom, scanned the negatives and printed digital archival prints on fine art paper. He and his wife then cut, assembled, and painted frame molding, as well as glass and mattes.

Reynolds feels his best work is the product of curiosity that led him to experiment with taking black and white landscape photographs with disposable plastic cameras. He said about his method, “It’s a low-tech and unassuming technique and its wide format emphasizes the vastness of the American West.”

Reynolds, a resident of Eureka, Nev., graduated from Portland’s Museum Art School, now the Pacific Northwest College of Art. He apprenticed with several renowned artists and photographers and was a studio assistant and photographer, shooting catalogs for Nordstrom, Nike, and other corporations.

The exhibit is free. The Sierra Room is open to the public during Carson City official meetings every other Thursday, and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The city meeting schedule is at

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