Darrell Moody: Woods needs Harmon

Tiger Woods needs to swallow his pride —— NOW.

Tiger needs to re-unite with former coach Butch Harmon. His game was at its best when the two worked together. He won seven majors with his former swing coach, whom he fired in 2002.

Woods is on a downward spiral that shows no signs of slowing down. He has had little or no luck with Sean Foley and now Chris Como.

When is the 39-year-old Tiger going to realize HE is the problem. He needs to swallow that ego or his career is going to be over before his 40th birthday. His game is a train wreck right now. Nobody fears Tiger like they once did. The mystique is long gone.

If he can’t get Harmon, take another shot with Hank Haney. Tiger had a good run with Haney, though not quite as impressive as the time spent with Harmon in my opinion.

If Tiger cares about his career, he’ll do what needs to be done before it’s too late.

There’s a lot of money out there that says Tiger won’t ever win another major, and more and more I’m inclined to agree with that thinking.

Tiger has had his share of injuries, and probably is guilty of returning too fast, but the leakage of his infidelity is what started the spiral. He hasn’t been the same player since.

He has changed his swing more often than was needed considering his past success. I subscribe to theory if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Tiger keeps toying, and nothing good has come of it.

Tiger missed the cut by seven shots today at the British Open. It was an ugly two days for the guy who used to be the greatest in the game, and many more are ahead unless he comes to his senses.

Make the change Tiger.


The Giants’ recent decision to move Ryan Vogelsong wasn’t a surprise. Quite frankly, it was either put him in the pen, release him or send him to Triple-A where he could continue starting.

I think Vogelsong could be an effective middle relief guy. Tim Lincecum, who’s currently on the disabled list, excelled in that role a couple of years ago in the postseason. The Giants have a couple of more moves to make when Lincecum and Jeremy Affeldt return from injuries.

Let’s face it, the Giants have a plethora of starting pitching, though nobody is really standing out. Chris Heston has been a find, and he should stay in the rotation until he isn’t getting the job done. He has been the team’s second-most reliable pitcher behind Madison Baumgarner.

I would love to see the Giants pull the trigger and make a trade for a power-hitting outfielder or a power-hitting third baseman. The team’s offense has been inconsistent all year. Buster Posey and Hunter Pence can’t do it by themselves. Brandon Belt is a singles and doubles hitter. The Giants need a big bopper.


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