Random residential candidate thoughts

It is a long time until Election Day 2016 and already election races are in the forefront of the news.

First is the Democrat side, which isn’t really all that interesting but is becoming more so. Hillary Clinton assumed she had a lock on the candidacy and pretty much kept a low profile, which is what she needs to do. But alas, along came Bernie Sanders, who promptly began to steal her standing in the polls. This forced Hillary to become more public which has apparently only hurt her more. Perhaps she should consider a public appearance that doesn’t appear staged.

In my opinion, Hillary is left of Obama on most things. Remember, she studied with Saul Alinski in college, which is not exactly a ringing endorsement. But Sanders is even left of her, being an avowed socialist. What concerns me most is that he is gaining in the polls with his socialist views. Is our country really that far gone or is it just the Democrat Party?

Anyway, the Republican race is much more interesting. There are 16 declared candidates for president. Surely we should be able to find someone that can win this election. There are a few standing out.

First, of course, is Donald Trump. He is without a doubt brash, arrogant, outspoken and egotistical, But he is also a great deal maker, has had major media exposure through nonpolitical activities, is rich enough not to have to rely on establishment campaign donors and isn’t ashamed of his success. He also understands how to negotiate and make a deal. His “Art of the Deal” should be required reading for all business majors.

It has been a long time since someone has entered the race that won’t back down from bullying by the mainstream media. He doesn’t play by their rules. This makes him uniquely independent. He is supposed to allow the media to find a weakness or trumpet a misspoken statement, attack him with it, and watch as he meekly apologizes and fades off into the sunset. Media wonks then pat themselves on the back for another election well manipulated.

Instead, when they push him he pushes back harder. If they renew attacks, he doubles down. They have no idea how to deal with this. Here are a couple of examples. When Trump made a statement about illegal immigration, which by the way the press twisted out of context, Univision announced they would no longer host his Miss America pageant. His response was a $500 million breach of contract lawsuit. He then banned Univision employees from his Florida golf course which is near Univision headquarters. I suspect that stung Univision more than the lawsuit.

Univision’s parent company NBC slammed Trump in news coverage about his actions against Univision. His response was to ban all NBC employees from any of his resort properties.

I assume this is why he is polling so well. We have waited a long time for a politician with a backbone. I am not convinced, yet, he is the right man for the president’s job, but I admire his approach. Geraldo Rivera asked on Fox if he is the guy we would want facing Ayatollah Khamenei or Vladimir Putin. My answer is, “Heck yes! At least he won’t give our country away.” Bottom line is I think they are afraid of him. Besides, look at all the free publicity he is getting from those who hate him.

On to other candidates. Scott Walker is polling well, which is good. So is Jeb Bush, which I think is bad. The other non-politician, Dr. Ben Carson, is holding his own. I just wish he would get rid of his hospital voice and add some volume. Rubio is doing well.

The other one the media hates, Ted Cruz, is doing much better than predicted. Many are shocked by the amount of money Cruz has been able to raise, most of it from grass-roots sources. This is not to be confused with the Clinton money coming from foreign sources. I challenge her to prove otherwise.

The real dark horse in this race in my view is Carly Fiorina. She seems to have good conservative values, especially when it comes to spending, taxes, and government intrusion, but she is not getting heard through the crowd. I wish her well.

My opinion is the only reason we would want another Bush would be to prevent another Clinton presidency. I would rather have neither.

Tom Riggins is an LVN columnist and may be reached at news@lahontanvalleynews.com.


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