City officials take their oath

Tenth Judicial District Court Judge Tom Stockard administers the oath of office to Mayor Ken Tedford on Tuesday. Three of Tedford's children also  attended the ceremony.

Tenth Judicial District Court Judge Tom Stockard administers the oath of office to Mayor Ken Tedford on Tuesday. Three of Tedford's children also attended the ceremony.

Two longtime public servants of Fallon, Mayor Ken Tedford and Councilman Bob Erickson, and recently elected Councilwoman Kelly Frost renewed their oaths of office on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in the courtyard behind City Hall.

All three candidates ran unopposed for re-election.

They had many people to thank, including their families and the community and the people with whom they work with on a daily basis.

Tedford has served as mayor since 1995 and was on the city council for eight years prior to that.

Tedford said he is proud of the city council and the employees who work diligently every day. He said the ceremony marks a continuance of the good, hard work the city has been doing.

“We are working hard at the city,” he said. “We always have and we always will. We meet our challenges here in Fallon.”

Tedford also quoted President Ronald Reagan: “We have every right to dream heroic dreams. We are Americans.”

“The world may swirl around us in difficult and sometimes dangerous events, but our system of fair elections and government of, by and for the people means that the swearing in of a mayor, a city councilwoman and a councilman, is a happy time,” Tedford said. “Today is a good day to remember how lucky we are to live in America.”

Tedford choked up when expressing his gratitude to his children, three who sat proudly in the audience for making sacrifices so he could serve the community.

He said the process of entering a public office isn’t only law or tradition but it is a remarkable event.

Erickson, who first served as a councilman from 1983-87, was elected mayor for two four-yearterms, 1987 and 1990. After taking what he calls a 10-year “vacation” from public service, Erickson has continued to serve as a councilman.

The former banker said public service isn’t an individual effort; it’s a team, a family effort that involves a lot of sacrifice and making changes in priorities to fulfill the duties of office that will benefit the community.

Erickson stated that public service is something that is taxing on a family and wanted to start by thanking his wife of 43 years, Mary Beth.

“It is an honor and a privilege to have served the city of Fallon these past years,” he said. “The greatest challenge of any leader is to build a team to accomplish the goal and aspirations of that community and I want to thank that team today.”

Frost has been city councilwoman for more than a year. She was selected in March 2014 to fill an empty city council seat after Rachel Dahl resigned to become executive director of the Churchill Economic Development Authority.

She acknowledged what an honor and privilege it is to serve as the city of Fallon’s councilwoman. Frost said the last year has been busy for her, but she is humbled by being able to serve the community she loves and is looking forward to the next few years.

District Attorney Art Mallory led the Pledge of Allegiance, Lissa Overlie sang the national anthem, Father Tony Ouijano Jr. of St. Patrick’s Church led the audience in a prayer and the benediction and Tenth Judicial District Court Judge Tom Stockard administered the oaths of office. After the ceremony, a reception was held at the Douglass House where refreshments were served.


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