Commissioners approve cemetery rate increase

At their Wednesday meeting, the Churchill County commissioners have approved a small rate increase for cemetery service fees.

At their Wednesday meeting, the Churchill County commissioners have approved a small rate increase for cemetery service fees.

The Churchill County Commissioners approved on Wednesday a rate increase for service fees at the cemetery.

Craig Williamson, cemetery board chairman, said the rates for the cemetery have not been reviewed for many years. He said with the staff’s assistance, the cemetery board made a review of the service rates at a meeting on April 23, and board members concluded an increase was needed.

“There was much discussion as to what those increases would be and what format to follow to set increases,” he said. “Staff put together numbers that would reflect an increase of 3 percent since the last increase.”

Williamson said the last time the cemetery fees were increased across the board was 20 years ago. He said there was an attempt to find comparable raters from other cemeteries but the data was too far ranging and would not help with setting fees. When evaluating the 3 percent per year increase, it was felt that would be too high, he said.

“The board and staff agreed to a less aggressive approach to the existing rates with some higher increases for service with higher complexity of work being performed as associated costs increases,” Williamson said. “It was also agreed to revisit the cemetery rates every two years to keep in line with the inflation and increases in cost associated with the operations of the cemetery.”

Other items the commissioners approved or discussed include the following:

Discussed the water right gift program for the city of Fallon.

Approved the city of Fallon’s request to construct pedestrian improvements on county owned property between Western Nevada College and Oasis Academy.

Approved recordation of conservation easement document No. 447093 at 600 N. Harmon Road, to authorize the issuance of 51 transfer developmental rights to Churchill County.

Approved the final quarterly payment for Churchill Animal Protection Society in the amount of $5,000.

Approved recordation of conservation easement document no. 447089 at 5959 and 5969 Stillwater Road, to authorize the issuance of 74 TDR certificates to Churchill County.

Discussed update on Pontifex Classification and Compensation study finalization and proposed implementation.

Approved the final Joint Land Use Study and its recommendations and instruct the Planning Department to begin discussions regarding the appropriate organization for regional coordination and communication in the implementation phase.

Approved resolution 16-2015 which augments the fiscal year 2014-2015 budget in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Budget Act in NRS chapter 354.

Discussed an update of current activities, plans, and actions related to the Carson City District of Bureau of Land Management.

Approved renewal proposal from the Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool and invoice for payment from fiscal year 2015-2016 funds.

Approved Interlocal Contract No. 2015-8 with Carson Water Subconservancy District to assist with the Lahontan Valley Water Level Measurement Program.

Approved Fund Balance Commitments for fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, for Churchill County in accordance with provisions with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement no. 54.


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