Homer pleads to two counts

A Fallon woman pleaded guilty Tuesday in District Court for false identification and assault on a police officer.

Tami Homer (formerly Peel) entered the pleas to one felony count of unlawful obtaining and using personal identifying information of another and one gross misdemeanor count of assault on an officer.

Homer, 46, used the ID of her mother, Lani Peel, during a traffic stop on Oct. 11, according to court records. An investigation into the citation revealed she used an alternate name and a bench warrant was issued.

On May 28, Homer was pulled over by an officer of the North Central Narcotics Task Force. The officer informed Homer she was under arrest and the officer attempted to retrieve the keys out of the ignition.

Homer, according to the criminal complaint, drove off with the officer hanging out of the window as she reached speeds in excess of 25 mph.

Homer’s attorney, Jacob Sommer, asked the court to release his client on her own recognizance with strict guidelines to “show the court this is not the type of person she is.”

Sommer also said his client would be able to seek substance abuse treatment and will live with her parents in Churchill County.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Lane Mills, though, said there are trust issues with Homer and asked her bond of $10,000 remain in tact.

Judge Tom Stockard ruled Homer is to be released, although she must wear a SCRAM ankle monitor, which detects alcohol, be under house arrest and check in with Court Services daily until her Sept. 15 sentencing date.

This is the latest run-in with law enforcement for Homer, who served a five-month jail and six-month prison sentence in 2009 after she was convicted of child endangerment and supplying alcohol to minors at a party in January 2008 where an alleged gang rape of a 15-year-olf girl occurred.

In other court news —

Lyle Gardner, 26, was sentenced to three years probation Tuesday in District Court for one gross misdemeanor count of conspiracy to commit fraudulent acts concerning gaming.

Gardner, who worked at a casino, supplied a gaming voucher to friends worth $20.05. All three were fired.

Deputy District Attorney Brandon Gardner asked for 180-day sentence, while Lyle Gardner’s attorney, Peter Smith, asked for probation in addition to numerous conditions.

Stockard agreed and placed Gardner on probation after suspending a 364-day jail sentence. In addition, Gardner cannot consume alcohol or drugs; enter any gaming establishment; must complete and follow any recommendations from a substance abuse evaluation; must test randomly for alcohol and drugs; and have no contact with the co-defendants.

Henry Lee Adams pleaded guilty to one count of a convicted sex offender failing to change an address.

He failed to notify law enforcement of a new address and was arrested on May 13.

Adams faces one to four years in prison and will be sentenced Sept. 8. He remains in custody on $5,000 bond.


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