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140 Years Ago

Plunder. Mr. Jas. Dealy’s house was going through a house cleaning and put the carpets out on the fence to get it ready for beating. When they came out to look at it, it was gone. By the close of the afternoon a Son of the Moon came down behind with his wood-laden asses and the missing carpet packed in a bundle on his back. It is suspected that the carpet may have been blown-into the street, and the Chinese man thought it was a piece of abandoned property.

130 Years Ago

Major Ormsby. Arthur Dennell, son-in-law of Major W. M. Ormsby, came for the purpose of taking up the bodies of Major Ormsby and his wife to Oakland to be buried there. Major Ormsby was killed in the Indian War, May 1860, near Pyramid Lake. The major was one of the leading citizens of Ormsby County, and it was named after him.

110 Years Ago

Kinkead. Gov. Kinkead has been asked to resign the governorship of Alaska. The people of Nevada regret that Mr. Kinkead has been asked to resign. As governor of Nevada, he made himself very well respected and liked.

70 Years Ago

Near tragedy. Mrs. Anna Hersey, fourth grade teacher, had a trying experience when she found several of her pupils becoming sleepy and ill. After investigating she found that one of her pupils had found a number of sleeping pills and generously offered them to his schoolmates. Several children were taken to the hospital and others reported spending the afternoon pulling weeds in the open air and keeping awake through these efforts by their parents.

50 Years Ago

Grace Bordewich. After 32 years of excellent service in the Ormsby County School District, Grace Bordewich has retired.

15 Years Ago

A time capsule is unveiled after 10 years. In 1990 the Mainstreet organization buried a time capsule in the Legislative Plaza ...

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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