Carson City Sheriff’s Office focusing on impaired driving

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is focusing on cracking down on impaired drivers/riders for the month of September.

Impaired driving is the most common cause of motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury and death in Nevada. The Labor Day holiday weekend and summer is known by law enforcement officials as the hundred deadliest days because fatalities increase during the summer beginning Memorial day.

According to Carson City Sgt. Scott McDaniel in a press release, in 2014 four people were killed over Labor Day weekend on Nevada roadways. In order to reduce those numbers, law enforcement will be working hard to make sure this trend isn’t repeated this year by encouraging responsible choices for motorists.

Throughout the month of September, deputies will be participating in all-day events specifically aimed at impaired drivers.

To reduce the risk of a motor fatality, McDaniel suggests using a sober driver; call a taxi, sober friend/family member or use public transportation; call 911 if a drunk driver is spotted; or take the keys and assist in making other arrangements for someone who is planning to drive impaired.

The object of these events is to increase safety on the roadways to reduce crashes that can lead to death or injury.


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