Girls soccer comes together over tie

Wave senior Kayla Biggs,left, competing with Vikings senior Stacy Vasquez for control. Mike Sciandra / LVN

Wave senior Kayla Biggs,left, competing with Vikings senior Stacy Vasquez for control. Mike Sciandra / LVN

The Greenwave girls soccer team is making slow but steady strides toward coming together after a scorless tie in their home match against South Tahoe on Sept. 19.

The match left Greenwave at 0-2-1 and the Vikings at 3-0-1.

Just as coach Kelly Spicer had predicted, South Tahoe was a significant challenge to the Wave, whose biggest challenge throughout the match was keeping control on the passes, clear and present in the jeers from the sidelines.

“Well, there were times the girls could’ve given up,” said Spicer, commenting on the tie, “but they kept fighting all the way to the end. Some people think ties are bad but considering the situation I’d say this was a definite improvement, and hopefully the girls will start playing more as a team and start winning some games as they learn.”

The Wave struggled to find a passing rhythm throughout the game because of their struggle to keep control with several girls unable to hold possession against the Vikings, who were well spread out in key positions to prevent any loss of possession for too long.

“The toughest part was finishing our shots,” Spicer said commenting on the Wave’s defense, “and the girls agreed they had a lot of shots they couldn’t finish. [The Vikings] made the the girls play, had good long-balls and made our girls play stronger defense.”

Wave senior midfielder Brittany Wallace was key to the Wave’s defense, with longer possession and better control than any of her fellow seniors that lasted tirelessly through both halves of the match since her return from an injury. Vikings senior midfieldr Desi Benavidez gave Wallace the most trouble in the first half, fighting Wallace on what could’ve been essential breakaways that were sorely lacking from the match on both teams’ behalves. Wallace, along with fellow senior Macy Meyers, were among the strongest of the Wave veterans this match in terms of control and passing.

“[Wallace and Meyers] are starting to get back in shape after being gone,” Spicer said, “and having them back helps a lot. Having seniors around to help the girls is especially helpful in a tight game like this one, and the same against Sparks on Wednesday.”

Fellow Wave senior midfielder Kayla Biggs came the closest to scoring on four charges in the first half, but the first three attempts shut down by defensive cluster made of Benavidez and junior defender Natalie Reber, who were bird-dogging Biggs, Wallace, and other key Wave players throughout the first half. Throughout both halves Vikings junior goalkeeper Claudia Janese had a number of impressive saves, but there were several complaints from the bench that she was consistently out of the goalpost every time she and one of the Wave forwards would come close to colliding. Wave senior forward Meyers was consistently warring with Janese at the goalpoast, with consistent charges throughout the second half and a particularly impressive 70-yard breakaway by the end of the second half that could have meant a last minute victory for the Wave, but was instead shutdown by Vikings junior defender Amanda Muskopf, who then returned possession to Vikings senior forward Kenya Brazzell.

As the timer ran out, the match ended scoreless.

To better prepare for their next game, Spicer explained that he would be trying to drill better passing, more aggression, and more first-to-the-ball style attacks early on that would give the Wave a chance to take control and keep it throughout the match.

The Wave’s next match is an away game today against Sparks at 5 p.m.


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