Donald Trump cashes in

For many years this country — whether we had a Republican or Democrat as president — has opposed nuclear proliferation. It was one reason for the Iran treaty ... to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons. That treaty has been loudly criticized by Republicans, especially Donald Trump.

Recently Congress finally released their report on 9/11. The report strongly suggests that leaders in Saudi Arabia funded the terrorist who brought down the World Trade Center towers. Donald Trump is opposed to our anti-nuclear proliferation policy and wants Japan, South Korea and, yes, you’ve got it, Saudi Arabia to have the bomb! Trump wants the people who funded 9/11 to have nuclear weapons. That’s outrageous, scary and stupid.

As a result of 9/11, there was a young mother, Lauren Manning, who was burned over 85 percent of her body. She told the story during the Democratic Convention of how Hillary Clinton came to see her in the hospital. Hillary took Manning’s bandaged hand in her own and told her she cared. She did. She continued her visits maintaining contact even after Manning was released from the hospital.

Then Sen. Hillary Clinton fought for funding for the victims and all the first responders. She fought for funding for their care when they suffered from breathing the air which they were told was harmless. Many tell the story of Clinton’s moving and touching care for the victims of this tragedy. To quote Lauren Manning: “The people who show up mean everything. Hillary showed up. No one was watching but she was there. She cared for me; She cared for New York. Now I am for her.”

While Hillary was doing all she could to help, what was Donald Trump doing? Was he donating millions to the victims? No. To quote New York Rep. Joe Crowley, “Trump cashed in. He made a quick buck.” Taking advantage of a technicality, Trump collected $150,000 which was supposed to go to small businesses, even though he had said earlier that none of his properties was impacted.

Serge Kovoleski is an investigative reporter for the New York Times. He wrote an article that took exception to Trumps claim that he saw thousands of Muslims in the streets of New Jersey cheering when the World Trade Center towers came down. For this Trump went on TV and mocked Kovoleski who is physically disabled. Trump denies it, but the Democrats’ are running it on TV so Americans will know the truth.

On Tuesday night the Democratic Convention featured many handicapped and disabled people. One young man sang the National Anthem beautifully in

spite of being severely disabled. Another handicapped person led the

Pledge of Allegiance.

The Clintons have released their tax returns. Even under much pressure from his own party Donald Trump refuses to release any tax returns. Why? Is it because of his meager charitable contributions? He claims to be a Christian so did he make any contributions to a church? Is it because he has investments in Russia which he doesn’t want us to know about? Is he making a lot less than he has led us to believe? Is it because he has paid very little or no taxes? Is it because of all these things?

The Democrats and Hillary Clinton in no uncertain terms support a woman’s right to choose and Planned Parenthood and clinics where women can have a safe abortion. Check out the Republican platform. They don’t support abortion for any reason. When asked by Chris Matthews Donald Trump said he thought women who have abortions should be punished ... as in jail time.

The Democrats handling of the black lives matter was masterful. They had seven mothers of young victims who died unnecessarily while in police custody. Their testimony brought tears to my eyes and the eyes of many. On Thursday night we heard from the family of a slain police officer. There are many more glaring differences as illustrated during the conventions.

I just can not finish this column without commenting on the rude and ridiculous behavior of the Bernie or Bust crowd. I was offended by their actions. These young folks (for the most part) have been suckered by the Republicans trashing of Hillary Clinton. Their booing of Clinton during the first day every time her name was mentioned was disgraceful. The third night they booed former CIA director Leon Panetta because they are against war. So why are some of them going to vote for Trump? If these people want to be a part of our family, they are welcome, but they must discontinue their childish behavior.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at


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