Law enforcement: Ford pickup attempting to make illegal traffic stops on I-580

At 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, troopers from the Nevada Highway Patrol were dispatched to the area of IR580 southbound and Mt. Rose Highway.

Department of Public Safety’s dispatch received a phone call from a concerned motorist traveling southbound on Interstate 580 that an unmarked pickup attempted to pull the motorist’s vehicle over. The vehicle attempting to stop the motorist was a silver or gray colored Ford F-150 extended cab pickup with Nevada plate 89A639. This Ford pickup had no markings on it that would identify it as a law enforcement vehicle. However, it was equipped with red and blue flashing lights.

The reporting party didn’t stop for the pickup, but stayed on the phone with DPS dispatch as it continued southbound on IR580. The caller advised dispatch the Ford pickup took the southbound Mt. Rose Highway off ramp and terminated following the reporting party. DPS dispatch advised the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and both agencies were deployed to the area in an attempt to locate the pickup. The pickup was unable to be found.

Local area residents are urged to call 911 if any unmarked pickup matching the above vehicles description attempts to conduct a traffic stop on them. By calling 911, drivers can confirm through dispatch if the vehicle behind them is a legitimate law enforcement officer or not. In addition to that, if anyone sees a similar vehicle attempting to conduct a traffic stop on another car, call 911 and provide as much information as possible to include driver description.


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