Letters to the editor for Friday, Aug. 12, 2016

Cartoon in Appeal missed the mark

The cartoon on the opinion page for Wednesday, July 27 was totally out of line. We have the only constitution in the world which tells those in power what the government cannot do to the populace (although the current occupant of the White House thinks differently). This is the only country in the world that — with some restrictions — allows ordinary citizens to carry concealed weapons. The recent (dare I say) carnage in Europe ­— Belgium, France, Turkey, Germany — might have turned out differently had someone been able to shoot back. Not one of the countries mentioned above allows the carrying of a concealed weapon, and even the ownership of handguns is highly restricted.

All of Europe is one huge gun free zone (so beloved of the American anti-gun crowd).

On another interesting note, I’ve been told that after the Japanese had been defeated in World War II, an American army officer asked a Japanese general why they had never tried an invasion of the American West Coast. The general replied that they knew that at least every other house on the coast contained at least one or more firearms and people in residence who knew how to use them.


John Frink

Carson City


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