Letters to the editor for Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016

Taxation without representation

On Dec. 16, 1773, some Boston colonists boarded three ships in Boston Harbor and dumped tea into the sea. This is known as the Boston Tea Party. The reason for the Boston Tea Party is that the British Parliament was imposing taxes on the American colonists. People in America felt that only their own elected representatives should impose taxes. The Boston Tea Party was a significant event in the growth of the American Revolution and the American Revolutionary War that started in 1775.

Fast forward to Carson City. The Carson City Board of Supervisors are using the same concept of taxation without representation to pay for an Arts and Culture Coordinator. This is how it happens. A room tax is imposed on each hotel room that is used. That tax is imposed on tourists with no representation. The Carson City Board of Supervisors even went so far as to pass tax increases just because Carson City’s rate was not as high as neighboring cities.

So, when will elected people learn from history? Never! The Boston colonists were so fed up with taxation without representation that they went to war to get the attention of the British Parliament. Today’s tourist will start making travel decisions on how much travel taxes they have to pay. The next time you have breakfast with Brad, ask about his voting record as it relates to raising taxes on people who do not get to vote in Carson City.

Doyle Hanks

Carson City

Work on Schulz Ranch subdivision a nuisance

Since the Schulz Ranch subdivision began construction, our street (S. Edmonds Drive) has seen a huge increase with commercial and construction vehicles. I know some of my neighbors have notified both the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and Board of Supervisors either by phone call or by letter. So far, there had been little to no improvement with the amount of truck traffic on our street.

At the last Board of Supervisors meeting, letters from concerned residents were read into record but there was no further discussion or action from the commissioners or from the Schulz Ranch developers who were present at the meeting. Isn’t it the Board of Supervisors’ job and responsibility to its residents to be the voice and to help with finding a solution to help resolve a matter when clearly street violations are occurring?

Residents on S. Edmonds would appreciate some assistance from our elected officials and sheriff’s office to get these construction and commercial vehicles off our street.

Vicki Reifer

Carson City

Shame on crowd for booing military mom

This is directed to the attendees at the Pence rally who booed the military mother, Catherine Byrne, when she asked a question about Trump’s disrespect directed toward members of the armed forces. Have you no shame?

Sam Broyles


Appeal’s story about Pence’s visit biased

Too bad Appeal reporter Geoff Dornan’s front page coverage of Republican Vice President pick Mike Pence’s Carson City visit was mostly about a Hillary supporter. You would have though her complaint about Trump’s response to the attack by Gold Star dad Khizr Khan was the most important part of the event.

Questions Dornan might have asked: Where does Hillary get off manipulating Mr. and Mrs. Khan into using the death of their son as a political prop?

Her campaign trashed Pat Smith, who has spoken out about losing her son in Baghdad due to Hillary’s negligence. Why the double standard?

Does Mr. Khan, an immigration lawyer, not understand that back when we enforced immigration laws the INS used religious profiling to grant refugee status? Why did Mr. Khan take down his website advertising help for rich Middle Easterners who abuse the EB5 visa process by buying U.S. residence for themselves and their families?

Did the Pence protestor’s military son approve of his mom using his service to prop up Hillary’s candidacy?

It’s a shame accurate reporting on Mr. Pence’s visit took a back seat to Dornan’s bias. Voters might have learned which presidential candidate really supports our military and has the best interests of America at heart.

Lois Bock


Defending the indefensible

This letter is in response to the Aug. 4 “Defending Hillary” column which cannot go unchallenged.

With all due respect, Hillary’s corruption and dishonesty is all on tape and a matter of record. Her lies and deceptions are far too numerous to mention here.

The writer says Hillary has been investigated so many times. Well, people are not investigated unless they are highly suspected of serious wrongdoing. They couldn’t pin anything on Al Capone either until they got him for income tax evasion. But, that was before the IRS was run by Liberals.

I’m sorry that the writer lost her first husband in Vietnam. It is painfully ironic that he lost his life fighting the spread of Communism, and she is supporting a socialist/communist for the President.

The saddest and most frightening thing, however, is the number of uninformed and misinformed voters. If Hillary is elected, she will try to abolish the Second Amendment; try to restrict the First Amendment; the military will continue to be decimated; we’ll have open borders resulting in more crime; Christianity will be more oppressed; we’ll have higher taxes and Liberal activist judges. At her convention, she embraced the Black Lives Matter group. Oh, she is just wonderful. Donald Trump is certainly not the optimal candidate, but he is echelons above and beyond Hillary in terms of intentions and abilities to do the right thing for America.

Vern Payette

Silver Springs

Leader of Nation of Islam should condemn attacks

I am wondering why Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, has not bothered to condemn the various acts of Islamic terrorism.

Thank you,

John Frink

Carson City


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