Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016

Casting votes in imperfect system

A recent letter to the editor concerned that some people either don’t vote or see no reason to vote. I usually vote no on issues only myself unless it’s one of those questions where a no means a yes.

I don’t vote for candidates anymore because all they really want is a vote for them; not for what they might or might not do. It is becoming increasingly obvious that they want a free hand to do as they please without interference from us once they are “in there.” This applies to all three levels of government.

I am going to vote for Trump if he is still on the ballot in November. I have voted for about 65 years and have watched things get worse and worse. Is that because of candidates or the system? Or is it because the younger generation has absolutely no idea what they have already lost?

Once government employees and/or those getting entitlement checks reach 51 percent nationwide, there would be no need for votes of any kind anyhow.

How close are we to that?

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City


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