Trustees tour construction sites

The Churchill County School Board toured summer construction and maintenance projects prior to their Thursday meeting.

There are now ADA-compliant science building restrooms and new water faucets, gas fixtures and more in science rooms. The greenhouse shell for agriculture programs has been erected and work continues on the theater’s new backstage area and music room addition.

Nearly $4 million in grants from the federal, state and local levels including special education and early childhood sources is expected for this school year. The funds have a range of destinations including literacy, career and technical education, books, after school programs and minority education.

“Eighty percent of the compliance reporting (we do) is driven by the federal funding we receive,” said Dr. Sandra Sheldon, superintendent of schools.

Steve Russell, director of transportation/safety, outlined upcoming comprehensive staff training for student safety. Trustee Matt Hyde suggested active shooter training for students and staff be a priority and Russell agreed.

The board approved for the city of Fallon to provide the district’s trash services, allowing less truck traffic with the new setup and more aesthetic receptacles. Also, the waste management labor hours of four hours per day will be reallocated elsewhere for facility upkeep. Other benefits include lower risk for facility workers and elimination of fuel and maintenance costs.

“There’s always that corner that’s got five or six dumpsters,” said Brian Byrd, director of maintenance. “Some are covered, many aren’t. The new ones will be covered, freshly painted and more appealing looking on the corner of a site.”

He continued to share how the decreased truck traffic could be one of the biggest points. Dumpsters are not in the most ideal locations, he said, involving loud noise and decreased visibility when backing into spots sometimes multiples times a day.

The board also approved for principals to provide a board report two times per school year.

Fourteen new teachers were also introduced.


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