Letters to the editor for Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016

C-Hill fire calls for review of gun regulations

Sunday’s “Shooting Fire” threatening the west side of Carson City should be named the “Second Amendment Fire.”

After all, would not burning homes on the west side of our city be a small price to pay for exercise of our Second-Amendment-guaranteed Constitutional “right” to, whenever and wherever we choose, practice our defense against the inevitable invasion of U.N. black helicopters? Whether or not led by Obama and Hillary Clinton trying to seize all our guns?

The NRA-fed Second Amendment extremists would have one believe that there is no such thing as an irresponsible gun owner asserting his or her Second Amendment rights to, in any circumstances, own, carry, buy, sell, trade, or use lethal weapons. Should such an inherently responsible gun owner somehow turn irresponsible, the NRA maintains the only appropriate defense would be for a responsible gun owner to shoot him or her. Ah, the power of advertising, whether for good or evil.

We can have reasonable regulations of automobiles, airplanes, even drones, but not automatic lethal weapons. So, let’s protect the right of those “responsible” gun owners to have target practice in the brush, even with armor piercing ammunition, whenever and wherever they choose. And bill the NRA for the cost of the fire fighting?

Jon Nowlin

Carson City


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