The Popcorn Stand: Pick up those yard sale signs

My father loves yards sales. Me, not so much. Although people have recognized me over the years for wearing an Oregon Ducks jacket and I bought that jacket at a yard sale for $10. From an Oregon State Beavers fan. What they were doing with an Oregon Ducks jacket, I have no idea.

But I digress. I’ve noticed Carson City really loves its yard sales. And garage sales. And estate sales. And yard-garage-estate sales.

But I’ve also noticed something troubling that results from all these sales. All the signs that are posted all over town. During the week. There should hardly be any yard sale signs posted during the week since virtually all the yard sales in this community happen over the weekend.

Please, take down your yard sale signs. They’re a nuisance. They hurt our quality of life. They’re literally blowing in the wind.

And a message to the City of Carson. Many communities have at least one person who monitors yard sale signs. Like an animal control officer. Yeah, a yard sale officer. I have no idea how the city monitors yard sale signs. I’ve never actually seen anybody out monitoring yard sale signs like I have in other communities.

Whatever it takes, a yard sale officer or any other means the city needs to step up its monitoring of yard sale signs.

— Charles Whisnand


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