The Popcorn Stand: No, I’m not going to plant in the mud

One of my favorite movies is “Hoosiers.” In one scene Norman Dale asks Myra Fleener “Do you always plant in the mud?” Fleener replies the Farmer’s Almanac informed her it’s the best time to plant. “Do you always go by the Almanac?” Dale then asks. “Always,” Fleener replies.

With all the different ways we have today to forecast the weather, I’m sure there are many people who still swear by the Farmer’s Almanac as emphatically as Myra Fleener, still believing it provides the most accurate weather forecast there is, even more accurate than Punxsutawney Phil.

For 225 years people have depended heavily on the Farmer’s Almanac for their weather information.

For the intermountain region of the country, which includes Northern Nevada, 2016-2017 doesn’t look to be that exciting as far as the weather is concerned.

Winter temperatures will be above normal with precipitation a bit below normal, the Almanac states. Next summer will be a bit hotter than usual with normal rainfall.

According to the Almanac we’ll have to wait until September and October of 2017 for above-normal precipitation and cooler than normal temperatures.

Based on the Almanac’s forecast, I’m not going to do any planting in the mud.

— Charles Whisnand


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