Resident reports scam

A scam is beginning to make its way through Fallon and adjacent communities.

According to a Fallon resident who wishes to remain anonymous, he received a cashier’s check on Saturday from Commerce Bank for $1,850. No letter explaining the purpose of the check was included in the envelope. Additionally, the sender provided a tracking number and showed the item had been mailed from Jacksonville, Fla., earlier in the week.

The concerned resident visited his bank to inquire about the check and learned it was bogus. A banking official explained the scam:

The receiver cashes the check and receives the money, and in this case, $1,850.

“It (the check) always comes as unexpected because people are hoping the check is real,” the banker said.

Several days later, another letter arrives from the Commerce Bank, informing the receiver the bank made a mistake and the receiver must rectify the error by sending back $1,000 but to a different address.

The banking official said an audit done at a later time will show the check was fraudulent. Not only is the receiver of the check out of $1,850 to the legitimate bank, but he or she is out of $1,000 that was sent as an overpayment to the so-called bank.

If residents have questions, they may contact either the Fallon Police Department (775-423-2111) or Churchill County Sheriff’s Office (775-423-3116).


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