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The booking report as presented by the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office on Dec. 13, 2016.

Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Last name | First name

Offense Description Time & Date / Age

Last nameFirst nameAgeOffense DescriptionTime & Date

TODD PATRICIA, 61Probation/Parole Violation12/6/2016 10:00 AM

HOLGUIN, JILL33Contempt of Court12/6/2016 10:09 AM

Contempt of Court12/6/2016 10:09 AM

Warrant Arrest12/6/2016 10:09 AM

HERNANDEZ, ADRIAN 26Contempt of Court12/6/2016 12:04 PM

GARCIA, RICARDO18Domestic Battery/Simple12/6/2016 7:55 PMStalking12/6/2016 7:55 PM

Child Abuse12/6/2016 7:55 PM

Battery/Simple12/6/2016 7:55 PM

ZEVINER, CHRISTINA50Contempt of Court12/6/2016 9:50 PM

INGRAO, JEFFERY43Contempt of Court12/6/2016 10:22 PM

WOODS, SCOTT40Probation/Parole Violation12/7/2016 8:00 AM

Contempt of Court12/7/2016 8:00 AM


Traffic Offense12/7/2016 9:05 AM

Traffic Offense12/7/2016 9:05 AM

RICE, STACEY45Restraining Order Violation12/7/2016 9:17 AM

Restraining Order Violation12/7/2016 9:35 AM

WHITE, HOLLIE40Contempt of Court12/7/2016 10:15 AM

KEELING, JOSEPH26Contempt of Court12/7/2016 12:05 PM

DELTORO, AMANTHA24Contempt of Court12/7/2016 12:06 PM

KELLEY, SHASTA31Failure to Appear12/7/2016 4:50 PM

Failure to Appear12/7/2016 4:50 PM

Failure to Appear12/7/2016 4:50 PM

Failure to Appear12/7/2016 4:50 PM

Failure to Appear12/7/2016 4:50 PM

HYDE, MICHAEL49Contempt of Court12/7/2016 6:00 PM

WEIMER, KAYLA24DUI Alcohol or Drugs12/8/2016 4:19 AM

Traffic Offense12/8/2016 4:19 AM

VALDE, ROBERT46Contempt of Court12/8/2016 2:04 PM

SOLIS-AGUILERA, CRISTIAN21Battery/Simple12/8/2016 3:23 PM

LUND, TRACY50Theft/Property/Other12/8/2016 5:31 PM

MCPHERSON, ANDREW28Contempt of Court12/9/2016 10:58 AM

SANCHEZ, JOSE23Contempt of Court12/9/2016 11:33 AM

SMITH, CRAIG55DUI Alcohol or Drugs12/9/2016 5:44 PM

Traffic Offense12/9/2016 5:44 PM

Traffic Offense12/9/2016 5:44 PM

Resisting/Interfering w/Police12/9/2016 5:44 PM

Traffic Offense12/9/2016 5:44 PM

BENKA, DANA28Burglary/Non-res./Forcible Ent12/10/2016 4:48 AM

Fraud/Swindle/Confidence Game12/10/2016 4:48 AM

GORDON, ELEICIA22Domestic Battery/Simple12/10/2016 8:08 AM

COOPER, MATTHEW28Burglary/Non-res./Unlawf Ent12/10/2016 8:28 AM

Burg/Motor Vehicle/Illegal Ent12/10/2016 8:28 AM

Fraud/Swindle/Confidence Game12/10/2016 8:28 AM

Theft/Property/Other12/10/2016 8:28 AM

Theft/Property/Other12/10/2016 8:28 AM

Theft/Vehicle/Other Type12/10/2016 8:28 AM

Weapons Offense12/10/2016 8:28 AM

Property/Rec/Poss/Stolen12/10/2016 8:28 AM

Burglary/Tool Possession12/10/2016 8:28 AM

Burglary/Non-res./Forcibl Ent12/10/2016 9:54 AM

WILKES, RAYMOND20Trespass of Real Property12/10/2016 5:34 PM

ROMERO-PERU, HECTOR38Assault/Other Weapon12/11/2016 1:53 PM

False Imprisonment12/11/2016 6:50 PM

Miscellaneous crime/incident12/11/2016 6:50 PM

NADEAU, AMANDA24Domestic Battery/Simple12/12/2016 1:47 AM

SULLIVAN, DEANA40Contempt of Court12/12/2016 8:16 AM

SANCHEZ, SILVANO34Contempt of Court12/12/2016 1:48 PM

AMES, JAMES64DUI Alcohol or Drugs12/12/2016 2:44 PM

Traffic Offense12/12/2016 2:44 PM

Traffic Offense12/12/2016 2:44 PM


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