Ray David Henderson

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Ray David Henderson, fighter, loving father, and carpenter, died November 2nd, 2016 in Carson City, Nevada. He left us peacefully, passing in his sleep. Ray was 65 years old.

Ray was known, in his younger days, as a punch first and ask questions later type of guy. He worked hard most of his life and could not stand to be idle. Ray was a two times golden gloves champion and a professional fighter. Ray was a fantastic carpenter and built many houses in the Carson City and Dayton area. His contribution to society was giving people a place to call home.

Ray leaves behind his parents, Bob and Marilyn Rodefer, his siblings Tom and Regina Henderson, his wife Sofi Henderson and several children. The children include Ray Henderson, Billy Liotiris, Ryan Henderson, Sofia Cornell, and Georgina Henderson. He also left several grandchildren, Kieran Henderson, Ryan Henderson, Adalley Henderson, Cadel Henderson, and Abraham Benson. We are a big eclectic family and love each other just the same.

While growing up there were a couple things Ray said that really made a difference. One quote was, “You can do anything you want in life, but you have to pay for it!” He also said, “Never, ever let them know you are hurt!” This was his way of teaching self responsibility and to never give up. Ray was a loving father, a gifted fighter, a talented carpenter and made awesome pancakes.

Ray, we love you and you are missed, rest in peace!


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