Letters to the editor for Friday, Dec. 30, 2016

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“Night Streets”

I took a walk to be in the sunlight

There was only darkness all around

I saw the shadows begging for mercy

From the voices that are never found

I capitulate to the night’s cryptic spell

A sullen attitude is the belief of the crowd

All the statues line up to beg for a coin

On the night streets where happiness is not allowed

Their eyes stopped looking to the future

They see through me because I’m not here

I’m a stranger to those that dominate the night

But their anonymity to the world is their fear

Some hostages are willing to break the chains

For the others their hope is to die

Too many of the latter will never see the sun

The former solves the mysteries of the lie

The children cry when the cold breaks their bones

Family time is spent standing in line

Free meals at a shelter where the beds are all full

Their lives are broken before the age of nine

I am helpless to erase my night street memory

I was a statistic without a name

Looking through the rain clouds at all the stars

Knowing that life is a dangerous game

The night streets have eyes that hold secrets

It breaks the soul when all is revealed

Some will walk through the door that is opened

Some will lay in their coffins and then it’s sealed

Grant H. Wass

Carson City


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