Darrell Moody: Athletes need to make better choices

Life is all about choices.

We make choices everyday, and some choices affect just an individual. Others, however, can have an effect on an entire group.

Carson played without one of its starters, Jared Rooker, on Friday against Galena because he was suspended for two games.

It’s disappointing because Carson has a chance to accomplish something special. The Senators haven’t made a state tournament since 2002-03 season, and they need everybody playing at a high level to accomplish that.

Carson may be undefeated in league thus far, but it has tough games against Manogue and Douglas this week, and then there are the playoffs where it’s one and done.

There’s no I in team, and all high school athletes need to realize that.

One good thing did come out of Friday’s game. Cody Azevedo filled in and did a pretty good job starting at point guard. He didn’t score, but coach Carlos Mendeguia didn’t care.

“I thought he did a good job for his first start,” Mendeguia said. “It wasn’t the easiest situation to be put into.”

Definitely not. A hostile crowd never is fun.

Azevedo will get another chance to guide the team on Tuesday against Bishop Manogue, and no doubt he will be a little more sure of himself against the Miners. Also, he’s playing in front of a home crowd which is always helpful. If he didn’t know it before, Mendeguia now knows Azevedo can give him some optimal minutes.

The basketball team wasn’t the only one to have issues with behavior. Two wrestlers missed last week’s match for breaking team rules.

Again, it’s about making choices. All these student-athletes know the difference between right and wrong. Think fellas before you act.

In wrestling’s case, it could impact whether the school allows the team any extra overnight trips other than the two coach Justin Shine said is allowed.

You already have an administration/district that doesn’t quite understand sports and the fact tournaments are played at certain times of the year every year, and sometimes you have to miss class because the tournaments are out of the area.

In any sport, coaches will tell you they like to go out of the area because they will see better competition, and it’s good for team camaraderie.

Mendeguia scheduled tournaments in San Francisco and Las Vegas because he wanted his team to be battle tested before league play started.

And, since the Senators are 14-0, you have to agree his line of thinking was sound.

This team isn’t the most talented in the league, but it’s the best TEAM in the league.

The Senators don’t cave when things get tough. They get fired up and start to play better as evidenced in both wins over Galena where they came back from deficits of 10 and eight points, respectively. The Senators play well as a group.

Against Galena on Friday, Kyle Krebs filled in nicely for Asa Carter, knocking down two 3-point shots.

Krebs and Jayden DeJoseph are the team’s best 3-point shooters, and both were deadly against the Grizzlies.


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