Eighth person arrested in murder of Carson City man

The investigation into the murder of an 18-year-old Carson City man is coming to a close following an eighth arrest.

A 17-year-old was arrested Friday night in connection with the January murder of Grant Watkins after detectives served a warrant for his arrest.

Watkins was killed Jan. 11 after setting up an alleged drug deal near Blackwell’s Pond Park, in north Carson City, with three people to sell three ounces of marijuana. The investigation has determined that the three at the park, along with five others, had set up the drug deal in an attempt to rob Watkins. During the deal, Watkins was shot in the abdomen and transported to the hospital by a friend, where he died.

Reed Skenandore, 21; Jonathan Skenandore, 18; Allen Garcia-Manriquez, 19; Jesus Garcia-Manriquez, 18; Jacob Huttman, 19; Keenan Blackmore, 19; Daniel Lease, 20; and the 17-year-old juvenile have all been arrested and charged in relation to the incident. Reed Skenandore and the Garcia brothers are all charged with felony open murder, felony murder with the use of a deadly weapon committed in the perpetration of a robbery, felony robbery with a deadly weapon, felony attempted murder with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery. Jonathan Skenandore, Huttman, Lease and the juvenile were all arrested on accessory to commit murder and accessory to robbery. Blackmore was arrested on conspiracy to commit a crime and accessory to a felony.

“We continue to work with the District Attorney on this case and the result of that coordination, an additional arrest has been made of a 17-year-old juvenile who has been charged similarly to the rest,” Sheriff Ken Furlong said. “We believe this is the last arrest.”

Investigation into the incident was extensive, Furlong said. Detectives also have been searching for three guns, suspected of being involved in the shooting. One weapon was recovered with a search warrant in Lyon County. Two other guns were recovered Feb. 6 after the Carson City Special Enforcement Team conducted a consensual stop on a vehicle at the Rand Convenience Store. The 17-year-old juvenile was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the stop, though there was no evidence at the time the firearms belonged to him and he was released. Both firearms were reported as stolen and SET seized the weapons. The two firearms are being tested and analyzed to determine whether or not they are the additional murder weapons. As the investigation continued, an arrest warrant was then issued for the same juvenile.

The investigation is “wrapping up” Furlong said and no other arrests are expected.


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