Past Pages for Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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150 Years Ago

Fire. Senators and Assemblymen manned the brakes and hauled around the dirty, greasy hose of the fire engine, like genuine fire-laddies. Losses are as follows: Albert and Victor Muller’s Head Quarters Saloon’s loss is $3,000. Insurance was for $1,000. George Tufly, St. Charles Hotel kitchen and outhouses burned, loss $3,500. Fully insured. A present of $50 to each of the engine companies was made by Mr. Tufly and Mr. Albert Muller. Fire was work of an incendiary.

130 Years Ago

Instantaneous photography. In the old way of taking a photograph we had to sit screwed up in a photographers picture rack for half an hour. It was next to impossible to take a child’s picture. Under the new dry plate process a perfect photograph can be taken in a fraction of a second. Instantaneous picture can now be taken at Peterson’s art gallery.

110 Years Ago

The Red Light District (continued). The red light district should be where it is. The quarters were established there over 40 years ago. No crimes have been committed, there is no man living from the revenues of the shame of women. Offices have kept the section cleaned of this sort of gentry. The best protection that the respectable ladies of this city have is the fact that the houses of prostitution are in one small district where they can be under the hand of the law.

70 Years Ago

Nevada prosperity: Nevada is about to enter an era of prosperity according to Gov. Vail Pittman. Principal factors that will combine to bring about the new period of industrial development are cheap hydro-electric energy, natural resources, state’s tax structure, decentralization of industry, favorable labor conditions and widespread demand for homes, hotel and office buildings.

50 Years Ago

All channel Nevada Appeal TV guide: Channel 3-4 — Huntley Brinkley, News, McHale’s Navy, My Mother the Car, Home from the Hill, News, Johnny Carson.

20 Years Ago

Military notes. Navy Ensign Jon C. Danckwerth, a graduate of Douglas High School, completed the Basic Warfare Officer’s Course at the Surface Warfare Officer’s School in Rhode Island.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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