New Year, new Carson City

Danielle Fredenburg

Danielle Fredenburg

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With the start of 2016, many Americans look at the new year as a chance for a fresh start with life, and Carson City residents are no different. The Nevada Appeal stopped at one of Carson City’s oldest breakfast eateries, The Cracker Box, to see what Carson residents are looking forward to in the upcoming year. We asked the patrons what they are looking forward to in 2016 and what New Year’s resolutions they want to accomplish.

“I just graduated so I am ready to start at University of Nevada Reno and moving to Reno,” said Danielle Fredenburg. “My resolution for 2016 would be to find the positive in everything.”

“(I’m looking forward) to a new president and just getting to grow my business, Polymer80,” said Loran Kelley.

“I am not really looking forward to anything, my life is pretty routine,” said Siovhan McEver. “But I do want to try to get fit and healthy. I want to try to do more hikes and stuff and get my son more active.”

“In 2016, I want to stop all the violence,” Bill Brown said. “‘16 has to be a better year, not only for myself, but for everyone. People just have to get along. I also am hoping to see a better result in the presidential running for someone who can run the country.”

“We just finished the kitchen expansion (in the Cracker Box) so I am looking forward to doing some new things and new foods in here and keep our clientèle growing,” said Adam Romo of the restaurant. “I don’t really have any resolutions, if I want to change something I just do it, I don’t have to wait for the new year.”


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