Standing up to racial arsonists

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I know I shouldn’t write this — and I know I’m going to bring down the wrath of the Thought Police and the race-hustlers upon my head — but I’m sick and tired of this white-hating “black lives matter” crud and ain’t gonna take it anymore.

It all started a couple days ago when Nevada Senate Minority Leader Aaron Ford tweeted a link to an incendiary race-baiting column by a racial arsonist named Zeba Blay in the Huffington Post entitled, “27 Things Every Black Person Must Learn Before Age 12.”

Fanning racial flames, the column outlines “lessons” designed clearly to instill in the minds of young black men a victim mentality that includes the notion that every white cop wakes up every morning with one goal in mind…

To shoot and kill a young black man.

Blay’s lessons include don’t wear hoodies or baggy pants. Instead “wear a suit at all times.” But know that even that won’t protect you from “being pegged ‘suspicious’” because “your blackness will always be the main thing that makes you a threat.”

Don’t buy toy guns. Don’t listen to loud music in a car. Don’t have play sword-fights. Don’t go to pool parties. And be warned, “There’s a chance you could be shot dead by the police before you’re even arrested for anything.”

Oh, and “recognize that these lessons don’t apply to your white friends.”

Outrageous. What a white-hating/cop-hating bigot.

The fact is, white cops do NOT wake up every morning rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect that it’s “open season” on young black men. Blay’s contention to the contrary is both irresponsible and slanderous.

Her absurd race-baiting lessons were belched out with absolutely no regard to context or extenuating circumstances. She, as well as this entire “black lives matter” movement, are only making the racial situation in the U.S. worse, not better.

All lives matter. And that includes cop lives.

Lastly, if you really want to dramatically reduce the number of violent altercations between police and young black men that result in the death of young black men, maybe try following these four simple rules instead of Blay’s 27 ridiculous ones…

Drugs are bad. Don’t do drugs.

Fatherless homes are bad. Stay home and raise the kids you brought into this world.

Breaking the law is bad. Don’t break the law. And if you do, and get caught, don’t resist arrest.

School is good. Go to school. Get good grades.

In fact, instead of teaching Blay’s “27 Things Every Black Person Must Learn Before Age 12,” might I suggest teaching “The Ten Commandments” to every child - black, white, brown, yellow or chartreuse - before the age of four.

So let it be written; so let it be done.

Chuck Muth is publisher of You can read additional columns and/or contact him at


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