Letters to the editor for Thursday, Jan. 14, 2015

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Dayton teacher used poor judgement

Regarding the article by Teri Vance entitled “It is a civics lesson for all,” this subject seemed more like a “propaganda lesson for all” to me. The photo, yes, photo, that was included with the exam struck me as an attempt by a biased photographer pushing a political agenda. To me, it represented a red neck, racist policeman using force to intimidate minorities. It was certainly not a “cartoon” in any shape or manner.

I just happened to be on a social media website when the controversy first appeared, and there was discussion on why this photo was included in a history examination when it was so clearly biased and political in nature. While there was some insightful and respectful comments from some students of Dayton High School, there also were quite a bit of uninformed and profanity laced comments as well that showed little or no tolerance for anyone expressing a different point of view. Clearly some students are not learning the concept of everyone having a right to express their opinions. There also were some comments making threats of physical harm to the moderator who originally posted the photo. How does that further the cause of understanding or tolerance?

I think the teacher showed poor judgement in the inclusion of the photo for the assignment, but being suspended or losing her position seems a bit extreme. This should be used as a lesson for all in the perils of propaganda from both sides of the political spectrum.

David Knighton

Carson City


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